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JUNE 8, 2021

LOCATION: Grand Ballroom, 2nd Floor. All Events happening in the same location. (Times listed are estimates and subject to change.)

6:00 PM Cocktail Reception

7:00 PM Kick-off  Keynotes AND the WWV Award Winner presentations

9:00 PM (or thereabouts) Social hour and Picture Op with Winners!

The bar remains open until 10.

JUNE 9, 2021

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM Summit Opening – Christine Beckwith, Keynote and Surprises

9:40 AM Fireside Chat with Jay Doran: What is Modern Marketing?

9:50 AM Keynote: Joe Panebianco, Annie Mac Home Mortgage

10:30 AM Keynote: Barry Habib, MBS Highway

12:30 PM Keynote: Brad Lea, Lightspeed VT, Motivational Speaker

1:00 PM Writer’s Panel

  • Candy Zulkosky, 20/20 VSC, Moderator
  • Christine Beckwith, 20/20 VSC
  • Kerry Fitzpatrick, Annie
  • Laura Brandao, AFR
  • Laura Kay Sheely,
  • Leora Ruzin,
  • Michael Hammond,
  • Ray Befus,
  • Ruth Lee,

2 PM Featured Speakers:

  • Phil Mancuso, EPM
  • Preston Schmidli and McBilly Sy, GoodVibes
  • Kevin Ducey, Comma

3:10 Video Panel

  • Jason Frazier, Moderator
  • Alex Kutsishin, Sales Boomerang
  • Ana Maria Sanin, Confident Closers
  • Christopher Griffith, Vetted VA
  • Corrina Carter, CMS Mortgage Solutions
  • Eric Estevez,
  • Fobby Naghmi, First Option
  • Grant Laviale, Caliber
  • William Calzadilla,

4:10 PM Q&A With Jay Doran and Summit Keynote Speakers

5:30 PM Close of Business

9:00 PM After Party! Come Dance and have fun!


by Christine Beckwith

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